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    paper marbling

    fill a tray with water. blow, fan, stir, dab, and drag paint or colored ink across its surface. put a sheet of washi paper on top to stain it with the floating art.

    though called “turkish” paper marbling by europeans, this design technique was developed in east asia, central asia, and the islamic world. it is an important part of turkic, tajik, indian, and other asian and middle eastern cultures.

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    Pavilion 4 by HMA Architects & Designers

    A factory converted into an exhibition centre, but the original walls had to be removed, so the bricks were kept and reused.


    Pretty pastel pigmented architectural clay set, by POAST, designed after many iconic forms of ancient European architecture.



    Installation by Ken Yokogawa

    Consists of 7,000 wooden cubes that are hooked together by the corners with 36,000 screw-in hooks altogether.


    Don’t coffee-block your smile Trident Ad campaign -

    BRANSCH artist Thomas Mangold worked with JWT New York on a campaign for Trident White chewing gum. 

    This is a simple but great concept, love it !

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    Fashion imitates art.

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    The Chromatic Typewriter, Artistic Innovation 2012

    Tyree Callahan is an interesting landscape painter from Bisbee, Arizona that focuses his time studying beautiful scenes with oils. Tyree does an outstanding job replicating the images from real life, making them so vivid to the point of near abstract. Mr. Callahan is a pure genius, reinventing this 1937 Underwood Standard Typewriter. Tweaking it to his exact liking, replacing the ink with paint swatches. I would gladly invest in one of these machines for my next endeavors. Be sure to check out more exciting work from the mind of Tyree Callahan, over at his main site, here.


    POP-UP VIENNA | Hector Serrano

    Pop-up Vienna is a collection of Vienna landmarks made of thin brass sheet metal with a silver finish. The souvenir comes packed flat; once opened, it is simple and fun to build the landmarks by lifting the walls. This makes the product not only a souvenir, but an experience too. The souvenirs are produced through acid etching, an ancient process that has evolved into a modern manufacturing technique. This, in combination with the unique idea of building your own Vienna, represents two sides of Vienna: an exciting contemporary city with a rich historical heritage. A recognizable and authentic Viennese souvenir with a twist.

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    Arctic Landscapes by Francois Delfosse | On Tumblr

    Transforming ordinary materials into an ambitious series of photographs, Belgian architect Francois Delfosse created these Arctic landscapes using only light and a plastic bag. The end result is pretty impressive! 

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    Guilherme Kramer - We See People In The Crowd



    When you open this palm-sized book by designer Yusuke Oono, you will be transported to a beautiful, simplistic, three dimensional world. It’s no wonder this innovative design won the You Fab 2012 design contest. The free-form booklet opens like a fan to tell a lovely story in a woodland setting. See more of the designs on the artist’s website and see the template for Oono’s design after the jump.


    Japanese ‘Shell’ House


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    home art
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    Art prints, journals, sculptures, illustrated jewellery and fridge magnets in clay, wood and shrink plastic by versatile artist Irene Renon in Vicenza, Italy.

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    You’re probably looking at these photos and wondering how much time and expensive equipment it took to pull them off, but think again. 

    Eric Staller created these incredible light drawings back in the 1970’s with a 35mm film camera, 4th of July sparklers, and some Christmas lights. Not bad, huh?

    Stunning Light Drawings of NYC in the 1970’s

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