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    you  saw nothing…..

    you  saw nothing…..

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    aah it feels so annoying

    neither home nor hospital feels empty. feels lonely. and it feels so annoying. damn it. yaa orang tua pada di rumah orang tuanya masing-masing, anaknya sendirian di rumah, ya ampun ini jam 9 malam tapi yasudahlah.. mungkin itu baktinya orangtua, memikirkan orangtua masing-masing dulu diatas anaknya sendiri. ya gak di rumah, di rs juga rasanya kesepian. asymboh lah.. pengen nyari waktu lega sehari aja, tak renang ben gak stres, tak ngilang, bentaar aja.



Mousse from Dulce - Jackson, WY (by m01229)


    Mousse from Dulce - Jackson, WY (by m01229)

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    I, too, used to dream about wedding dresses. However, I didn’t dream of a lavish one like the ones from the movies. I was fine with a simple dress. I just wanted to stand in front of the person I love. ”You are pretty.” I just wanted to hear that one sentence.

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    Actor Yeon Woo Jin shared his thoughts ahead of the final episode of tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama, Marriage, not Dating.

    Reborn as a new ro-co king* by showing precise acting as the drama’s male protagonist, through his agency Jump Entertainment Yeon Woo Jin said “Marriage, not Dating to me was a new challenge and project. I prepared as much as the rom-com genre was new to me. Because the atmosphere of the drama is very cheerful, I could always film happily on set.”

    "All the staff and actors made a good place in which I could act comfortably in. Because of you guys, I could play freely in that space. Thank you very much. It was a project in which I made happy memories with good people, I will remember it as the unforgettable hot summer of 2014." 

    "I want to deeply thank the viewers of Marriage, not Dating who gave me a lot of love during that time. I will see you as soon as possible with another good project.”

    On another note, Yeon Woo Jin was nominated by singer Kim Yeon Ji to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the 22nd. Instead of an ice water shower, Yeon Woo Jin chose to donate to the Korean ALS Association and said, “Hopefully it’ll give a little strength to Lou Gehrig’s disease patients.”

    *Romantic Comedy King 

    Some parts committed. Will May contain translating inaccuracies. 

    pokoknya besok setelah ujian anestesi sebelum bedah mulai, aku mau ngilang naik motor. tapi mau kemana ya? hahaha mbooh.. yang jelas bukan ngemall, hmm nanti tak pikirkan..

    aah lagi punya banyak keinginan mulai dari pengen powerbank baru karena udah rusak, segala macam jenis sepatu, baju kuliah karena mulai kehabisan akibat air yang mati, dan renang. renang dulu aja kali ya kalau udah punya waktu.. hahaha

    seems like it’s just yesterday i watched the first episode of marriage not dating, and now i can’t stop watching it. oh no! hahaha.. it feels so fun! it’s been a while since the last time i watched korean drama.. haha i love tvN and their light also fun kind story.

    Love Lane - Mamamoo

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    "Gong Gi Tae…is my man.”

    this episode is so much fun to watch! hahaha.. gi tae is just so cute!

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Sutter by HUF
A range of stylish sneakers that are very affordable.


    Sutter by HUF

    A range of stylish sneakers that are very affordable.


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Lee Haru: “@xxxibgdrgn”


    Lee Haru: “@xxxibgdrgn”

    "We talk so abstractly about poetry because all of us are usually bad poets. "

    — Friedrich Nietzsche (via observando)
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