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    Kind of experiment we did today, glad that we could finish it (even it wasn’t on time) kekeke.. hope the best for the test.. #me #medicine #notpharmacist #prayforexam (di Fakultas kedokteran UNDIP Tembalang Semarang)

    Kind of experiment we did today, glad that we could finish it (even it wasn’t on time) kekeke.. hope the best for the test.. #me #medicine #notpharmacist #prayforexam (di Fakultas kedokteran UNDIP Tembalang Semarang)

    Let’s Eat - Opening scene

    finally i’ve finished watching this drama. aaah i’m so hungry!

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    finally the manga that i’ve been waiting for is now released the new chapter. i’ve been waiting like 3-4 months. and then god damn it 25 pages. can’t you make it more than 50 pages? i’ve been waiting like forever.. *cry *cry

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    "Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid. "

    — John Wayne (via observando)

    tadi habis liat-liat kosan buat obgyn dan jadi terbayang, waah bentar lagi masuk obgyn. duuh, seberat apa ya obgyn? jadi takut sendiri.. mana habis obgyn langsung digempur ama forensik terus anes bedah ikm dan interna di akhir tahun.. gempuran stase besar di tahun 2014 semua. waah tyas kowe kudu semangat tenan!

    sebenarnya konsep dari kosan yang saya cari cuman sebagai tempat geletak, karena ya pasti males kalau harus pulang ke banyumanik demi tidur sebentar terus balik lagi, bla bla bla.. ya ntahlah saya juga belum obgyn, jadi belum tau rasanya.. lalalaaaa~~

    "Please, I want so badly for the good things to happen. "

    — Sylvia Plath  (via missharleyy)

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    Twist me! by MEJD

    Bookcase TWIST ME! was born during the Summer workshop Lost & found organized by CA Flowers for Slovakia: ( in cooperation with Swiss furniture company Vitra. The goal of the workshop was to create hybrid ( ready mady ) that joins 2 different types of objects. On the one hand designers and students of design were supposed to work with traditional folklore items and on the other hand use newer but already discard office furniture from Vitra company. In this case it was: 1. bookbinding plough and 2. metal sheet office rack. The result is a genuine object that maintains the theme of the book. In It´s side walls there are placed aluminium bearings joint with a wooden nut from the press. By turning the nut, the inner “walls”, are brought into motion and this way they can be positioned against one another, thereby creating space for any number of books. These can be fixed by sufficient pressing and library can be carrying even without emptying the bookcase.

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    my saving

    it has disappeared, because i can’t stand to jajan. maaan.. 

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    who the hell are you?

    well last night i went to my father’s favourite javanesse noodle, and because there was so crowded, i didn’t pay attention arround and kept playing game in my phone. then when my food came, i was just looked arround before i ate it. then i was just realized that someone that i used to know was there, right in front of me, i think with her boyfriend. the hell..

    the thing that made me so mad that she threw something to our table, then left just like that. well, that was really ruin my mood. the hell are you?

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    2AM - 위로 [Comfort]

    "He can’t be forgotten that easily

    I know, I know everything.. but I am right here in front of you”

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    i miss this cute little boy so much!

    i miss this cute little boy so much!

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