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    this last three days was so fun

    idk, but this bike gave me another happiness, i can go wherever i want, i could express my loneliness with this bike. dari jumat ke semawis habis itu nginep di irum, sabtu renang ke graha padma, minggunya ke tempat irum terus keliling-keliling nyampe ke chacha milktea.

    ayooo kapan liburan lagi? biar aku bisa keliling-keliling ama ini motor lagi.. hehe


未标题-1 by 和曦 on Flickr.


    未标题-1 by 和曦 on Flickr.

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    kadang-kadang segelas minuman dingin dan laptop adalah perfect couple kalau lagi pengen sendirian

    kadang-kadang segelas minuman dingin dan laptop adalah perfect couple kalau lagi pengen sendirian

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    marriage not dating

    finally i’ve finished watching this drama, haha.. it’s been a while since the last time i felt enjoy with korean drama. this drama is so simple, classic kind of romantic-comedy of korean drama. good job for yeon woo jin and han groo, also jinwoon and sunhwa. well i was surprised by sunhwa when i first started watch this drama, she was so pretty and cool. sunhwa met jinwoon also julian in the end, feels like wgm reunion, kekeke..

    “Ever since she started coming here… I feel uncomfortable being home alone. Now, I want to be with her”.

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    "This wedding is so us."

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    -I’m proud of you, scene maker Joo Jang Mi. You came this far.
    -I know, right? It’s not just anyone but with Gong Gi Tae.

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    "You need to realize that the way you are feeling now will not be permanent "

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    you  saw nothing…..

    you  saw nothing…..

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    aah it feels so annoying

    neither home nor hospital feels empty. feels lonely. and it feels so annoying. damn it. yaa orang tua pada di rumah orang tuanya masing-masing, anaknya sendirian di rumah, ya ampun ini jam 9 malam tapi yasudahlah.. mungkin itu baktinya orangtua, memikirkan orangtua masing-masing dulu diatas anaknya sendiri. ya gak di rumah, di rs juga rasanya kesepian. asymboh lah.. pengen nyari waktu lega sehari aja, tak renang ben gak stres, tak ngilang, bentaar aja.



Mousse from Dulce - Jackson, WY (by m01229)


    Mousse from Dulce - Jackson, WY (by m01229)

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